December 15, 2017

Hawker Chan Melbourne Review

Hawker Chan’s arrival in Melbourne was very hyped up. It was probably warranted given it is the world’s cheapest Michelin starred restaurant. $6.80 for soya chicken and rice? What a deal!

However, there isn’t much chicken for that $6.80 so you will most likely have to order an extra side dish of some char siu, roast pork or something else.

But on to the food – was it as good as it was hyped up? Is Hawker Chan overrated?

From my perspective, for the current prices, Hawker Chan was good. We tried the roast pork with rice, soya chicken with rice, char siu and pork ribs. Basically all the meat available on the menu.

If you have tried all this hong kong style food from other restaurants before, you may not really find a difference, or in fact you may prefer the meat from other restaurants. From our perspective, the soya chicken on rice was perhaps the best one. Given it is listed in the name of the restaurant, we thought we should try it and it didn’t let us down.

The sauce and the tenderness of the chicken made it a very tasty and worthy $6.80. If you wanted a quick bite (without having to line up to order), this would be great value. However, as mentioned earlier, there was not a lot of chicken so consider ordering an extra side dish of another meat.

The roast pork and char siu was also quite nice, with the pork ribs slightly disappointing.

I would recommend everyone to try Hawker Chan, and experience what Hong Kong cuisine is like. I’d probably wait for the lines to die down first, however. Would we line up again for the food? Probably not.

At the current prices, we think Hawker Chan is quite good. However, when they do raise the prices, I think the hype will die down as the price of the food I believe is playing a big part in the big demand for Hawker Chan.

The food is quite nice, but the price plays a big part. Hopefully they don’t raise the prices by much, but time will tell.

Do we recommend Hawker Chan? Yes.

On the whole, we’re satisfied and will definitely go back again, when the hype and lines die down.

We’d love to hear about your thoughts on Melbourne’s newest Michelin starred restaurant.


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