December 8, 2017

Mornington Peninsula Travel Guide

Whether in the summer or winter, the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy Victoria and its beaches.

There are wineries, beaches, shops, natural hot springs, nice accommodation – what more could you want?


There are plenty of boutique hotels or Airbnb’s in which you can stay at – whichever suits your price range. Airbnb’s can be nice and affordable, so it is best to look at the reviews to help you decide which property to stay at on the Mornington Peninsula. We suggest Airbnb properties which are managed by Mornington Peninsula property managers as they are professionally looked after.


There is a plethora of restaurants and boutique eateries available for you to try. There are very nice restaurants on the main street of Sorrento, including the All Smiles restaurant which is located at the Sorrento Back Beach overlooking the beach.


Mornington Peninsula is home to Victoria’s best wineries. Wineries such as the Cups Estate are just some places which have great wine and beautiful food. Looking up wineries on the Mornington Peninsula and their reviews can be handy in finding some new gems to visit and try.


You can of course go to the beach and swim, surf and sunbathe. More unique activities can include horse riding along the beach, relaxing at a natural hot spring, playing golf at plenty of high quality golf courses and more more fun activities.

How far is the Mornington Peninsula away from Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula is only about an hour and 15 minutes away from Melbourne. It takes about an hour to reach Mount Martha, and however far you want to go along the Peninsula will determine how long extra you need to travel. To reach Sorrento, it will take approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

We’d love to hear your experiences at the Mornington Peninsula and your recommendations!

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